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Annde, a professional manufacturer of electric water heaters and accessory parts. Zhongshan Annde Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is located in Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the capital of China's home appliance manufacturing industry. It is adjacent to TCL, Galanz, Changhong and other famous brands. It is strategically located and has a well-developed supporting industry.

Annde Electric is positioned to develop and manufacture household electric water heaters and core accessories. The company has a number of senior professional engineers. Among them, "ANDECEAS" was the chief engineer of a famous electric appliance brand electric water heater in Germany before the establishment of the company. The products developed by the company are serving thousands of families.

The anti-electric wall and control board developed by Annet's patents have been providing supporting services for many well-known electric water heater brand enterprises at home and abroad. The electric water heater products have established a complete modernization of R&D, production, sales and service integration. Production and management systems to provide consumers with more home appliances and professional services.

As a professional manufacturer of electric water heaters and accessory parts, "Annde" not only brings high-quality products, technologies and services to the majority of families, but also promotes the promotion of brand value, service concept and public values ​​of energy conservation and clean energy use. Efforts to work with our partners to introduce the safe and durable product tenet of Annide and the product concept of humanization, fashion, health and comfort into modern family life, to experience and enjoy the design concept of "Annde" and environmental protection. Awareness and service system


Enterprise Mission: Diligent entrepreneurship, creating innovation Corporate Vision: Providing healthy and safe bathing for Chinese families Enterprise goal: China's electric water heater excellent brand Brand core value: old brand famous classic Core values of the company: Honesty and trustworthiness, courage to take responsibility, empathy, and sincere communication Work together, work hard, achieve win-win cooperation, achieve employees

Soul of Products

Safety is everything Each water heater must be tested for voltage leakage up to 1800 volts! Every electronic component of the water heater has to pass the 35 degree and 24 hour aging test! Each water heater must pass a water pressure of up to 10 kg to test whether it leaks! Every water heater has to go through the initial test, semi-finished product test, and finished product test to ensure that each product is perfect! Durable 1. The water heater research and development of the Saiteng heating body warranty for eight years 2, the whole machine has quality problems for free home repair 3, regular tracking and maintenance every year 4, free to build files for customers, nationwide warranty Soul of the soul First, the virtue of An End Enterprise: 1. Honest and trustworthy A company is a commodity. Honesty and trustworthiness is the core of the quality of this product. Only with core health, can a company become a century-old enterprise! 2. Mutual benefit and common development Never squeeze money from your partners, or you will not have a place to live! Never think about how to beat others, or you may be beaten! Second, the virtue of the product: 1. Product quality is the performance of the company's quality and the source of life for the company. An excellent quality company will never produce counterfeit and shoddy products. 2, the product must be of high quality and low price, worthy of consumers Don't make black money, don't make refugees

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Address: No. 40, East of Nantou Avenue, Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

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