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• Anjie Titanium Alloy Heating Element is the leading heating body of Anende's latest independent research and development technology. • Rapid heat for three seconds, hot water heat efficiency up to 99.7%, higher thermal efficiency. • Never leak water fully enclosed structure 600T high pressure die casting molding, no weld, no welding • No scale, water flow continues to flow in the waterway while the water heater is working      The water is prevented from adhering to the scale under relatively static conditions; and the water temperature is always maintained below 55 ° C. Under normal conditions, the water temperature exceeds 70 ° C and the scale starts to be generated, so that the service life of the heating element is extended by 5 times. • No leakage, the heating element is completely separated from the water, and heat is transferred to the water path through the extremely fast thermal conduction carrier. Achieve 100% water and electricity separation.
Anjie heating body adopts double-revolution spiral hydroelectric separation structure, which makes the waterway and the heating pipe completely separated. The water flow and the heating pipe are not in direct contact, and the scale is never generated, which completely solves the problem of bursting and leakage of the heating pipe. The heat of the heating pipe is taken away by the water flowing in the water pipe through the heat conduction of the titanium-aluminum alloy as a medium, so that the service life of the heating element is extended by more than 5 times, and the possibility of water flow charging is completely avoided. The heating pipe of the traditional electric water heater is invaded in the water, the heating pipe is in direct contact with the water, and the surface area load of the heating pipe is too high, and once the unit surface load of the heating pipe exceeds the warning, the heating pipe bursts and the heating wire is melted. Therefore, the life of the water heater is shortened, and leakage may occur. Some manufacturers use anode magnesium rods to alleviate scale formation (magnesium in magnesium rods).

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