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Annde tells you that using the water heater correctly will save your life!

Recently, Xiaobian saw the casualty accident caused by improper use of the electric water heater on the Internet. I can't help but sigh. Life is precious. Don't ignore the correct use of the electric water heater because you don't think it doesn't matter!

These are lessons learned in exchange for life!

Use electric water heater, these must know

Don't heat while washing!

Anndewater heater reminds you: electric water heater leakage is a very dangerous accident, it is recommended that in the process of use, it is best to turn off the power, do not wash while heating!

2 leakage protector is not completely safe!

Many users think that the installation of leakage protector can completely protect the bath safety, this idea is one-sided. In the use of water storage electric water heater, it is required that the grounding wire in the user's home must be good. However, many buildings in China have poor grounding, or even lack of it, such as wrong wiring in decoration, aging wiring, privately pulling wires, using inferior switch sockets, and using water pipes as grounding wires, which may lead to live ground wires and electric shock accidents!

Annde suggests that users should press the switch of leakage protector 2 to 3 times a month to see if the lamp above is normal.

Has the magnesium rod of electric water heater been changed regularly?

In addition, the magnesium rod in the water storage electric water heater should also be replaced regularly. Once the magnesium rod, which can slow down the corrosion of water alkali and scale, is consumed, it is easy to cause the corrosion of the inner tank or the corrosion perforation of the heating pipe, which leads to the risk of electric leakage.

Poor quality and abnormal use of electric water heater will lead to leakage, once leakage is very dangerous. Therefore, it is very important to purchase qualified and safe electric water heater and use it correctly.

How to choose a safe water heater

Look at the bladder

The tank of an electric water heater is the key to the quality of the electric water heater. The leakage of the tank of an electric water heater means that the life of the water heater has come to an end. The service life of the water heater tank is mainly determined by the tank material and the manufacturer's anti-corrosion technology. At present, the tank of electric water heater can be divided into three grades: stainless steel tank, enamel tank and galvanized tank.

Annde electric water heater adopts imported mechanical girth welding. Compared with the traditional three welds, Annde electric water heater adopts integral tensile liner with only one weld, which has better bearing capacity and lower leakage probability.

2 safety measures

Because the use of electric water heater is related to the personal safety of consumers, so the choice of electric water heater must pay attention to the safety performance. Generally, electric water heaters should be equipped with grounding protection, dry burning prevention, over temperature prevention and over pressure prevention devices. High grade electric water heaters also have leakage protection, automatic disconnection without water and additional power-off indication functions.

Even if the qualified products of regular manufacturers are equipped with anti leakage protection device, it does not rule out the problems caused by long use time. Therefore, in actual use, the plug should be pulled out after water heating, just in case. In case of electric leakage, turn off the power supply immediately and pull out the plug. If there is water on the ground, turn off the main switch before pulling out the plug.

Be sure to cut off the power supply when people touch the electricity!

Police tips:

Pay attention to safety when using the electric water heater. Do not pull out the power cord when your hands are wet. Be careful of the risk of electric shock.

When cleaning the shell of the electric water heater, the power should be cut off first.

Try not to use an electric water heater when thunder strikes.

When the electric water heater is used for the first time, try the water temperature first to avoid scalding.

In case of electric shock, please keep calm and turn off the main power switch immediately. If the main power switch cannot be found, use a dry stick or similar object with good insulation to pull the electric shock away from the power supply. Never pull it with your hands, otherwise you will get electric shock yourself!

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