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What kind of water heater is the most energy-saving?

At present, there are three kinds of water heaters in the market: electric water heater, gas water heater and solar water heater. There are two types of electric water heater: instant electric water heater and water storage electric water heater.

1、 Save time.

That is, the hot electric water heater from the start to the heating time only takes about 2~3 seconds, basically achieved the on and hot. It is really a water door, hot water comes, quick and convenient, "the heating time of ordinary electric water heater is relatively long, and a person will have to wait for the water temperature to rise before washing after a person has finished the bath. And that is, when the hot water heater is opened, it doesn't need to be closed, and there is no waiting problem. In addition, the hot water heater has no requirement for water pressure, so it will not be used as gas water heater because of insufficient water pressure. This product is very suitable for the fast-paced needs of modern people. It is suitable for ordinary family washes, cooks, showers and barbershop. Because it does not need preheating, it is not necessary to have large, stupid and heavy storage tank and insulation layer. Therefore, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, easy installation, space saving and material saving; The most important thing is to save people valuable time.

2、 Energy saving

Because it is not necessary to preheat, it will not generate heat loss during preheating, and as much water will be discharged as much water will not produce as water storage water heater, and the remaining water will take away a lot of heat. Some users want to open the valve for convenience, so they have to plug the water storage water heater into the power supply. Experts in Beijing have done experiments specially. 40L water storage water heater with good heat preservation needs no hot water at all, and it also needs to consume more than 1.2 degrees of power in 24 hours a day, and the colder the weather, the greater the power consumption. Compared with this, the rated power of the hot water heater is 3000-8000 watts, which may be considered by consumers that such a large power will consume a lot of electricity. In fact, that is, the thermal water heater does not need to preheat in advance, so the heat energy is lost when the preheating is not available, and the heating time is relatively short, and the flow can be adjusted to save the power. Therefore, the actual power consumption does not need to use the rated power, and generally, the actual use of 1500W in summer can meet the requirements. According to the relevant survey data, it is more than 30% less energy saving than the preheating water storage water heater. That is, the hot water heater saves water and saves electricity, so the state classified this kind of product as energy-saving products. In case of water and electricity shortage, it is particularly suitable for this product.

3、 No scaling and long life

Because of this water heater, one end is cold water, one end is hot water, and the hot water temperature will not be very high. Generally, it will not be higher than 45 ℃ in shower, so there will be no scaling in the pipeline (because the scaling temperature of water is above 70 ℃), and the heating temperature will not rise very high, so the damage rate of water circuit and heater will be reduced correspondingly, so the service life of such water heater is long. Generally, it is 2-3 times of the water storage type electric water heater.

4、 The outlet water temperature is constant and comfortable to use

People who have used water storage water heaters generally have such experience. At first, water should be released to regulate temperature. The water temperature is not cool or hot. Once adjusted, water will cool in a short time. However, once adjusted, the water will be kept constant temperature and constant current, making people comfortable. And many people can use it even if they are used

5、 Small

"That is, the size of the hot electric water heater is smaller than that of the gas water heater. The house price of big cities is high, and many people buy houses with small area, which can be installed in the bathroom rooms with small area. Water storage electric water heater

Advantages: high safety performance, clean energy. It can supply water more than once. It can be used for shower, bath, washing and washing.

Disadvantages: generally, the volume is large, and it needs preheating before use. The water capacity depends on the volume. After one person finishes washing, another person needs to wait again to continue to use. In addition, the water that hasn't been used up after washing will cool down slowly, causing waste. The high temperature of water temperature, easy to scale, dirt cleaning trouble, unclear and affect the life of the heater.

Price: the price of water storage water heater depends on the quality, volume and brand, ranging from 1000 to 3000 yuan.

Indoor gas water heater

Advantages: the relative volume and volume are smaller, and the volume increases with the volume. Convenient and quick, that is, open and ready to use. Suitable for multi-channel water supply

. At present, some of the gas heaters are strong exhaust, which means that the exhaust gas is forced to be discharged to the outside, and the safety performance is relatively good.

Disadvantages: leakage pollution, corrosion and explosion are the shortcomings of this water heater. Because of the need for a channel to be discharged to the outside, most of the rooms can not meet the conditions. In addition, the water temperature must be adjusted before entering the bathroom, and the water temperature can not be adjusted at any time during the bath.

Price: the price is relatively cheap, most of which are hundreds to 2000 yuan, and the brand gas water heater with good performance also needs more than 3000 yuan.

Outdoor gas water heater

Advantages: the volume is relatively large, directly installed outdoors, and exhaust gas is discharged directly to the outside. It has high safety performance and can be operated directly indoors. It is suitable for large water consumption, multi-channel water supply, indoor rooms can be hot water, convenient and quick, that is, open and ready to use. No indoor space.

Disadvantages: it is required that there is room for installation outside and the aesthetic problems shall be considered. In addition, the water temperature must be adjusted before entering the bathroom, and the water temperature can not be adjusted at any time during the bath.

Price: the outdoor gas water heater reaches more than 4000 yuan / set, even 8000 yuan / set due to the different volume.

solar heater

Advantages: the production of hot water by solar energy has no environmental pollution problem, and is the cleanest energy. Compared with gas and electric water heaters, no fire and electricity are found, and the safety factor is the highest. Energy saving and environmental protection, not occupying indoor space.

Disadvantages: special water pipes must be installed, which is very difficult to install and has great investment and is greatly affected by external environment. In winter, the temperature difference between day and night is large in North China, and the water pipe is easy to freeze, which leads to the inability of water outflow.

The volume is large, which requires the installation environment. There is no hot water in two consecutive cloudy days, and there is no hot water for two consecutive days in winter. When using, the water will not be turned off and there will be no hot water soon, and the beauty of the city will be affected. It is not suitable for long-distance water supply room, and it is necessary to prevent water leakage, spread to neighbors and prevent lightning attack.

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