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Home appliance Expo

[direct attack on the scene]


Today (March 10), the 2021 China (Shunde) home appliance Expo opened on time, and the Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center of Guangdong Province ushered in a tidal flow of people. The exhibitors have also produced the final works representing the cutting-edge level of the industry, which are dazzling and wonderful!


Annde, it's my duty to play again

The core of the development of a field lies in the continuous innovation of technology, which promotes the optimization and upgrading of products and brings convenience to people's life. R & D industry leading-edge level products, maintain the vitality and vitality of enterprises, but also the core combat effectiveness of enterprises to participate in market competition!


In this exhibition, the new kr-85f instant thermostatic water heater developed by Annde has selected the world's high-quality base material and matched with the independent 360 ° Spiral conduction water and electricity separation heating body, one key release 15000000 + negative ions, 3 seconds heat unlimited flow and other multiple black technology, has attracted many visitors to marvel!


Honor Sen life with technology

Among them, the most bright eye release negative ion effect, the eye absorption index is full! The pressure of the urban population is abnormal now. Only in the private space can we get a little time of breathing and releasing. The Sen bathing space can relieve the weariness from the spiritual level and return to the countryside. This is also the secret weapon of Annde who quietly stands out and looks up at the crowd in technology!


In this field of home appliances innovation products in a variety of Taotie competition, Annde will adhere to the concept of "high quality, user experience as the center", and will not fail to offer you a new surprise!

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